• Luxurious Hotel
  • Signature Office
  • Ecological Park
  • Modern Shopping Mall
  • Connectivity at your convenience
  • Serviced Apartments
Encompassed by a web of transportation networks, Lake City will incorporate a direct connection to Sri Delima MRT Station, enabling travel along Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya MRT line, as well as the KTM Komuter, with only walking distance to Taman Wahyu Station. This vibrant interconnectivity links Lake City to all parts of Kuala Lumpur and beyond. Easily accessible via major highways, mainly the MRR2, DUKE, LDP, NKVE and Guthrie Highway.

Urban HOPSCA @ KL North

Introducing Lake City, a one-of-a-kind urban HOPSCA city destined to inspire and rejuvenate the thriving KL North. Designed to be the new beacon, it represents an extraordinary integrated mixed development with magnificent lake view, with its acronym which stands for Hotels, Offices, Parks, Shopping Malls, Connectivity and Apartments.

Seamless Unity

Blessed with unified architectural style modern buildings, this impeccable city delivers essential values and urban functions covering business, leisure, entertainment and transportation to the community. Components of HOPSCA comprehend each other by establishing mutual relationships that enables its self-renewing adaptation to the diversified urban residents, perfecting the destination of life and leisure with the spectacular lakefront scenery.

Success Stories

New World of Shanghai, China

A 30,000 square meters urban tourist attraction with the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, it speaks the dialogue between history and modernity. The new concept has granted high commercial value and escalated value appreciation of its surroundings. The building complex has been transformed into a fashion street, integrating restaurants, commerce, culture and entertainment at the international level.

Proven Concept

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo: 'City within a City'

Taking up 724,000 square meters GFA in the heart of Tokyo, this US$2.2 billion mega-development integrates residential, office space, shopping centers, hotels, entertainment venues and cultural facilities. It has undergone a complete revamp and now a golden triangle where diverse people from all over seek to find their mark.

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